261: Herinnert u zich deze nog?

I am very sorry for all the non-Dutch speaking/ reading readers out there. I just had to make the headline of this post a Dutch sentence. It is because I am looking back at wonderful days, that it just popped into my head. It is a jingle from a radio station and it is still used now and then when looking back to things that lay behind us. It means: “Do you remember this one?”

Well, this picture was taken when the humans of my human came to visit. It was a beautiful sunny day, and you all know how I like sun, and of course they brought presents. They always do. It is so cool that they always do. Not only for me, also for my human. I think I really like these humans. It is the Peter human that you might know from his comments, and the Marieke human, that doesn’t ever comment. I actually don’t know if she reads, but that is okay, she is a nice human. I like their car as well, as I can sit on it way better than most cars in the great outsides here. And it is clean.

In general I like to be inside of cars better than on top of them. The insides have things that I can use to sharpen my nails and to stretch, and I can lay on. And sometimes cars move when I am inside them and that is fun because I get to see that there is a whole lot more outsides than I can walk to. And you know I can walk pretty far. I don’t like to walk alone though. I like it better when my human walks with me. I have to ask my human to walk with me again someday soon.



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