248: sleepless nights

Okay, so thinking about all the possibilities is not a good way to try and spend the night. I might be even more exhausted than I was last night. Damnit. So now what? I think I will have to let it rest for a while and maybe I will figure something out in a moment of EUREKA or like an aha-erlebnis or something like that. I might even go and buy myself, oh no, let me rephrase that, I might even go and ask my human to buy a light bulb which I can turn on when the magical moment has come, no, i will have to ask her to turn on the light bulb when I get the master plan, that will come together just right, popping into my head. Oh, no, I have an even better idea! Why don’t you all send my human pictures and drawings and so of light bulbs? Make them original! I am sure she will post them together with some of the blogs that are yet to come!

Just send it out to the Facebook page that I have, or to ruth {at} ruthvennekens.nl . This is going to be awesome!



One Comment to “248: sleepless nights”

  1. Ik heb al foto’s van mijn poezen gestuurd, afgelopen zondag, omdat je kroeg nooit eens iets te zien van mijn Kuchin en Stein!

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