246: Chairlady of the kitchen

I always wanted to have a chairman’s position. Now I finally have found myself one. Chair-lady of the kitchen that is. How awesome. I get to decide when there will be food and what food there will be from now on. I will get to decide when there will be cooking, baking or preparing food from now on. I will decide if the food will be for me or for any humans that step foot into this crib. I am the chair-lady of the kitchen.

Okay, okay, I know that this is not realistic, but can a kitteh dream? If you know any good chairman’s positions that I could fulfill, please inform me about those so I can send in my application and start ruling something more then just this crib. I still need to take over the world and there aren’t many days left until it will change into 2013 and who knows what will happen to me and my superstar status in 2013. I might not even have a blog in 2013.. how will I get famous if I don’t have a chairman’s position to rule something more then this crib, and no blog to let you reading humans know how I am doing… I think I am going to spend the rest of the day over-thinking this dilemma. Any help is welcome! If you have any ideas on how I could conquer the world in a peaceful way, or get famous all over the world or stay a superstar, or anything related, please, share it with me!




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