245: Camouflage

The problem of being a white cat, is that even in times of complete darkness, like fall and winter, living things will be able to see you. Though I do not like the cold of the snow, I do wish that the snow will come soon so I have the most perfect camouflage one can imagine. I don’t know if I would change colour if I would be given the chance though. I think a true diva must stand out in any way she can and with my looks, I think the lightning would be off if I would be black or brown or so. I do like kittehs who are black and brown or so. The have this though image going on, which I will never accomplish. But on the other hand, I am a diva, and though a diva might be bitchy, I cannot afford to be seen as tough. Neither can I afford to be as silent and invisible as a ninja in the night, so black would not do good to my superstar status I guess. Maybe I can try to roll in car oil or coal and see if black would fit me. I know a few months ago I was thinking of repainting my fur and that I decided that neither red nor blue would fit me.. But hey, I am a female feline. I may change my mind as often as I want. Wasn’t it not for being female, it was for being a superstar and a diva. I love being me:D.



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