240: Gotcha!

Strings, strings, strings… Can’t seem to get enough of those. But seriously, who ever has enough strings to play with? It sure as hell is not me. I do prefer the strings to be moving and on this picture, I am lucky enough someone is moving the strings for me. It always looks weird when I try to move them myself and then play with them. Humans often laugh at me as I try to do that and I do not like humans to laugh at me for no apparent reason. Did you notice the awesome thing I did with my eyes? I love to do that. Especially when winter is slowly approaching. It is dark early and I can use my eyes better when there is little light. My life is just awesome. No wonder I am growing into this amazing super well known superstar cat. well, at least, that is what I am aiming for and I will keep on aiming for that goal no matter what! Glad you guys are with me already. You know, you can call yourself fans from the start. That makes you reading humans almost as awesome as I am. And some of you even send me fan mail. I mean, how awesome is that! These strings I didn’t get as fan mail though. These are just some decorations on a Christmas present one of my humans got last year, or maybe even the year before that… Christmas strings, I like that thought.




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