222: The number of?

Okay, just as I hit my 222nd post, I realize that there is no post number 666 in a 365. That is a big bummer. Maybe I will continue untill I reach the number of the beast. While I am an animal that likes to hunt and play, I think I, at some points, may be referred to as beast, and therefore deserve my day. Okay, I am not a monster (most of the time) and I am not a demon or so, but I think there is a certain magic to three times the same number in a row. It just looks cool. Just as cool as seeing 12:34 or 00:00 on the alarm clock. Just as cool as noticing that you have actually slept for 11:11 hours, or that you have catched three birds, three butterflies and three mice within three hours. It are the little things that count.


Another cool thing that I enjoy, is when a lot of humans I like are together. Today they were all together in the garden of the humans that sit in the garden next to mine. That was cool too! You know, the little things…



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