What’s next

Sometimes new passions come from unexpected events happening in life.

I always knew that I love to work-out. Ever since I was a little kid I have tried out different sports and activities. The first thing I remember doing was Judo. I loved it! Too bad that I quit at some point. As I remember it, it was due to a little wound on my wrist growing increasingly with every fall I had to break by slapping that wrist onto the floor. I do not remember clearly in what order I did the other sports activities, but I do know that I have been playing soccer for a while (I think I sucked at it, but I had a great time anyway), I tried out handball (which I actually didn’t like that much) and I have been swimming for quite a while. Then I joined the ‘sea’ scouts for a while and when I got bored of that, Karate was the next big thing. I loved doing Karate, and I think I was pretty good at it. Then the injury happened. My shoulder dislocated.

As some of my regular readers might know, my shoulder injury was the event that brought to light that I suffer a mild form of Hyper-mobility. It hit me bad and I didn’t do much of working out for a couple of years. I got a bit depressed over it and I hated the knowledge that I would never ever get to learn how to ride a snowboard or to succeed in the awesome work-out goals I had set. Well, most of you also already know that I learned to do these things anyway. I love to go on a snowboarding trip, I have completed quite some of my work-out goals and I am setting new and bigger goals every year. Why not start training for a 10k run? Why not start training for a half marathon? Why not…

Last year one of my class-mates had an awesome idea. Let’s do the quarter triathlon right after the end of the last week of school! Training for it while still trying to write a thesis and finishing a minor in project management and studying for the IPMA-D exam and studying for the Prince2-foundation exam and working forty hours a week and trying to keep www.cassetteculture.com running, sounded like a splendid idea, so I joined him.

Me before swimming in my cheap ass Triathlon suit Thanks to a colleague who lent me his bike, training for the cycling part of the triathlon wasn’t a big issue. Thanks to Michel of www.runningschool.nl, I improved my running technique (though I haven’t gone to training quite as often as I should have), and thanks to some children swimming in the local canal, I realized that I did not need to buy a subscription to one of the nearby swimming pools. I bought the cheapest triathlon suit I could find and tried to train every free second I could find.

Finishing in 2:53:53 after 1k of swimming, 40k cycling and a 10k run, isn’t bad at all for a first attempt at such an activity. And right there I knew I wanted more! And then it hit me. I was left without any goals! As I graduated, studying every evening came to an end. I really needed some time to understand that other activities were fun too. It took me some time to find a new regularity in my daily life. I can tell you; this was the most exhausting part of three years of evening classes. There were no more big sports events scheduled and I did not have any big personal goals at that moment.

I am one of those people who like everything and do a lot of different things, all at the same time. So it only took me about a few weeks to think of a million new goals. But what to do for real? Helping out some friends with getting closer to their dreams and goals, setting up a training schedule without a big goal, thinking about what to study next, planning on getting the web shop for Cassette Culture online, etcetera. All these small goals did not give me enough drive and motivation to feel completely energized. So what’s next?

Well, this is what is next. I went to Norway on a short summer break, together with my mother. I fell in love with the country and its nature. While we hiked through the hardangervidda, we met a lot of awesome people. We met Ingvar and Lena, we met the two Dutch guys (Maarten en Jeroen) and the three Swedish guys (which names I dare not to write down as I will probably get it wrong anyway). Chatting with those people I discovered that the thought that was lingering my mind really was going to be my next goals: The half Triathlon in 2013 AND finding a new evening class to attend so I will get my Masters degree in a few years AND making Cassette Culture an even bigger company than it is now. Meeting new people and chatting to them truly is inspiring! Thanks for that!

Now that I know my goals, it is time to set up a plan for real. Having a goal is one of the most motivating things in life. All the other things that I do, like trying to do all the things on my list, or meeting new people, or learning more about bush craft, or finding members for my band, or picking a new martial art or other awesome sport to train for, or … or… are awesome. They are. But without a long term goal, it seems like life is just passing by on a day to day basis, without the rewarding feeling of great accomplishments.

Now that you have come to the end of this piece of mind, of this piece of my thoughts of the last months, I am actually quite curious about your goals and what keeps you going and inspires you to make your life awesome. So share it! I would love that!


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