216: Same old sleep

Still feeling like sleeping today. I know I have been relaxing for quite some days now, and you know what? I will keep on doing that.

I must say that I enjoyed reading all the reactions to yesterdays’ post. I want to thank you for liking my natural colour. You know that these days a lot of things are fake and I think you humans are right. I should stay my natural colour, with my natural looks. I actually think that you humans should do the same. After thinking about it for a while, I just don’t understand why humans or furries should change their appearance. I guess most of it is because we want to be different and stand out. Look at me. I am trying desperately to concur the world. With a little success. I do get fan mail and I do get toys and food. I love getting this attention. But I did it being me. Being myself, the way I was born. The way I grew up. So if you want to stand out, try to do it the way you are!

Just saying;).



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