201: Busted

Yesterday morning I was talking about my awesome neighbors. On some days, I am not only visiting their gardens, but also their homes. It doesn’t feel like I am at another house when I visit them, it all feels like my personal territory. I don’t understand why I can’t sleep over at the neighbors’, but by now I have accepted it. Okay, not completely, but I am okay with it. My human is not sleeping over there either and I love to be at my human her side, also at night, so that is where I’ll be. The thing that I feel should change, is that I only get food at my human her house. I feel like all the neighbors should be feeding me nice fresh fish and meat!

Getting used to visiting my neighbors, sometimes, I forget that not all humans want me to be in their homes. I always remember when they are chasing me away. I don’t understand why they would chase away such a lovely animal as myself, but I never have the heart to ask them or to force them to understand how awesome it is to hang out with me… I think it has something to do with the scary noises and gestures they make when they chase me away…

I think I’ll just stick to the awesome neighbors:D.


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