193: You again?


I really think it is awesome that I have so many regular fans! I mean, I hear so many people talking about me on the internet, it is just great. Still, when I try searching for my own name, the only hit, is my own blog… That is so not cool.. I am really in search of stardom. I want to be famous. So, I need more people to know about me, sending me postcards, fan mail and food. Don’t forget the food! I like food!

As I like a good challenge myself, I hope that you, my faithful fan and friend, are in for a little challenge as well! I challenge you to share this post, or any other, or to write something on any website about me, so next time when I search for my name, there will pop up so many results about me, that I might just feel like I am a little bit famous already:D. My gratitude will be insanely huge and last for eternity, or just a few minutes.. but still..



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