148: The Bird

Okay, so as you already know, exciting things happen in my life. Today a little baby bird got stuck in one of the windows of one of the neighbours. The neighbourhumans of my human decided something needed to be done, so first the humans tried to get the bird out themselves, but that plan failed. Something more serious needed to be done to get me some lovely food. They called animal rescue to get the bird out. With the help of some neighbours and animal rescue they got the bird out and guess what?!? They did not hand it in. They put it on the roof of a shed… I was so looking forward to this little toy and they just let it escape!. Humans are weird animals.. they do weird things! But it was some nice acivity going on in the neighbourhood! Loved to see all the humans on their feet trying to catch a bird! Now you know what skills it takes!

Oh, and for all those who like and support animal rescure, this is the link to the website of the humans who saved the bird.






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