142:How much is the fish?

Like I told you last week, I love dreaming. I love sleeping, but that you already know, right? Okay, so I found this perfect new spot. My human is using this to – what she calls – work. Well, as it turns out, this bed has heating, is comfy and as the perfect background to dream away and think of lovely fish. Of course I would not want a whale or so, just as Steve Irwin, I don’t like the big fishies to be killed, but I do like to eat a fresh salmon now and then. And of course fresh tuna, how else could I tuna fish? As I can’t catch the fishies myself, I love to just dream about what it would be like to be on the sea surrounded by lovely food… Just a bit afraid of the angry humans that Steve Irwin fights against… Don’t want to dream about the angry humans.



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