139: Highway Runner

Sometimes I feel like a highway runner, of mor a country road runner maybe. Today I went on a little walk with my human again. We went to this marvelous spot. I have never been here before. Such an awesome scenery, so close by.

Just a few weeks ago I traveled with the car and we almost drove to the place where we walked today, but it took us way longer so I thought I could not go there by myself. apparently I was wrong. I am going to visit this spot more often. I have the feeling that I am going to find a lot of mice here. There were also these huge animals, horses. I don’t like horses, they are scary. And there were two little dogs, on the other side of the water. But those were too far away to do any harm. I don’t like little dogs too much.. their sound is just weird and high-pitched. Dogs need to have more bass in their voices in my humble opinion. I love the dark sounds of a big dog, but those little ones sound just like a huge mouse….

well, Good night everyone, I am going to dream about all the mice in the field!



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