110: Look what the mail man dragged in

Wow! This week feels like my birthday, though my birthday is due in September, I got a lot of awesome presents this week! It began with the food that Peter promised. He sent me some awesome dry food and some other nice food. 



Yesterday when my human got home, she had another awesome present for me. At first I was not that impressed. Just another item she picks up outside and brings to the inside. But as she got the item out of the wrap and put it on the floor, I was hooked. This thing looks a bit like a mouse and instead of all those other toys, every time when my human picks it up and puts it back on the floor, the little mouse starts to move. It is an awesome replacement for the real deal. I am still looking for the spot where they have located the mice in this neighbourhood, but untill I have found the real deal, I am happy to have this moving mouse.



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