109: OMG I can’t believe it

I never been this far away from home. This walk I did last Monday was absolutely incredible. I have had such a blast. I already shared some material of it on Facebook, but I wanted to share a bit more about the adventure as well with you.

What happened was that I followed my human as she left the premiss and I felt like she didn’t really mind. She was walking around with a bag. Normally when the two of us go for a walk she is really focussed on me, she does not carry other things, only the keys. This time she was carrying a large blue bag. As she noticed I was still following her after she made some unusual turns, she told me it was okay, but that the walk was a bit far. I didn’t really mind, as I’d been inside the entire day. I appreciated the exercise. After a bit we got to this awesome street made out of sand. I love this type of streets. I remember a time that the street at our previous crib had a street like that, bit then they changed it into stone. I took my time to run and play around there for a bit. Lovely. At the end of the street there was this other street with a lot of cars. I really don’t like cars and I wanted to be careful but I trust my human and at the moment she said it was okay, we crossed the street. Safe!

roadmapThe surroundings at the other side of the big street were completely different then our side. It was so weird to see so many humans move around with noisy and stinky metal… vehicles… I did see some ducks. I love ducks. They are so slow and stupid. Too bad they can swim.  At one point the human emptied the blue bag and said we were going home. So we turned and walked the same way home. Right before we got to the big street again, there was this crazy dog running at me. My human just stood there doing nothing! I hate her for that, but as it turned out the dog was not doing any harm. Just running and acting crazy.

After the big street we ended up at the sand street again and I again enjoyed every moment. The second time we corssed the big street my human was talking to a lot of other humans and at the sand street I thought I’d introduce myself as wel,
as my human didn’t. Lovely female human who said I am prety. Damn right I am!

After the little chat I got a bit tired. I wanted to go home. Happily we did. I was so glad to be home, but at the same time completely energized by all the adventures and new streets I got to explore.

My human managed to make a little map of the route and also made a little video of our walk. Check it out!

Click here to see the youtube video





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