94: I am a super star!

Okay, this is cool, this is so cool! I have a fan! She is beautiful and she might be just as awesome as I am, I don’t know, I haven’t met her, but she sent me a picture, at least, her human did. I have been listening to some cool music the entire day, been dancing around a bit, because I am so excited about this fan I have.. Man, this is really awesome! No, I am just getting some rest, following the good example of my fan! I will treasure her!


Okay, so here she is. Look at how perfectly she poses and look at the cute stuffed animals on her perfectly coloured chair? I especially like the stuffed on the left: That would fit me perfectly. And see how beautiful her fur colour is? A bit messy but perfect colour too! That might become my second best favourite colour! WOOOHOOO I have a fan! Now send me food!

Fan mail: Steintje


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