Cheap Skate

Okay, so as most of you know I have been through a weird few months. My relationship is officially over since the 31st of December and ever since I have been searching for a new place to stay, and now, I have found one. Of course, I still need to do a lot of paper works to make it official and then… Moving my stuff and start turning the house into a home. But then again.. I don’t have that much furniture…

I am one of those people who do not mind second-hand stuff. I actually go shopping for second-hand stuff. I am one of those people who do not like spending money. I am also one of those people who are really worried about how much perfectly good items we humans just throw away as if it were trash.

Now that I have found a place to rebuild a home, I also found a way to refurnish my life. It is just a little project, more out of curiosity then necessity. I have the essentials I need to live, and I can buy the things I need. Maybe not all at once, but I am not poor.

So what is this project to refurnish my life?
I made a list of items that I would like to have to refurnish my life. My aim is to pay nothing in order to get these items. That means that I can get them for free from companies, from people who just replaced their version of this item, or that I can trade items for better or other items, or, that someone gives an item to me.

I do not think so. If you can trade a red paperclip for a house, than why would furnishing your house without spending money be impossible? But of course, in order to become a successful project, I will need a lot of help and a lot of people spreading the word. So there is another thing you can do to help me. Besides offering me items, you can also spread the word!

The rules
I am the type of girls that dislikes a lot of rules, but I know some rules are important. While this is my project, I get to set the rules, and of course, change them if I feel it is necessary!

  • All items must be new, as good as new or awesome
  • Also items not on the list may be given
  • Items must be accepted by me; so no dumping trash:D.
  • For trading items I will start out with 10 normal paperclips that I can trade individually into something that is worth more than the paperclips itself. (I know, not very original :D)
  • I will donate 10 euros to a charity for every item I am given (so no traded items) during the first year of this project that is: 
    – “as good as new” or “new”
    – and is worth more than 100 euros in a regular web shop in the Netherlands
    –  and is on my list.
    The one who gives, gets to choose the charity out of my pre-selected list: Sea Shepherd, Amnesty International or the Dutch Red Cross. (so I won’t be the only one that will gain from this project).
  • For traded items that increase the value of the previous item by at least 50 euros I will donate 1 euro to one of the four charities above.
  • Stuff that I already have, will be replaced, unless I already got it without paying for it.
  • I can change or interpreted my own rules, so no lawsuits or angry people please:D.

So how can you give me stuff?
It is easy! Just send me a message, we will agree upon if I want the item and if it is possible to actually receive the item and when we can make the gift or trade happen.

I of course will update this blog regularly in order to keep you updated on how the project goes. Of course my want-list will be edited as soon as I have received an item, and the most awesome items and stories will get a little blog entry.

The cheap skate list can be found here.


2 Comments to “Cheap Skate”

  1. Not completely, though, that is a nice advantage of it.
    The idea behind it is to show how many awesome things are getting thrown away. Most of my furniture now is also second handed and Happily I already found a lot of stuff again that is second handed and didn’t cost me anything:D.
    If I really would want free stuff, I wouldn’t make donations for the received items;).

  2. Is this just an other way to ask people to give you free furniture? Weird shit…..

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