35: Feel like Snow White

Do you know that my original name is Ice? Well, original, as original as a few years back, because before that, I cant’s really remember.. I was found at some point by the asylum, when I was pregnant. I tried to hide that pregnancy because I was afraid that they would take away my babies before they were born, or that I would have to give birth to them in the asylum. Happily I thought wrong of all those weird humans. They were actually really nice. Got me out of there, and the asylum even helped keeping my babies healthy. So. Awesome! I like my new name better, but if I’d be called anything referring to my colour, it would have been Snow White. Actually one of my kiddos’ called Snow, at least , I think he is…



One Comment to “35: Feel like Snow White”

  1. Zie aflevering 31. Ik dacht al zoiets, IJskat.

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