#TedxRdam part 1: Perspectives on the world

First part of TEDxRotterdam was all about how you can see the world. Putting the world into perspective. As a good TEDspeech should, most of the speakers raised a lot of questions in my head. I can’t help but wonder about the things they do, they say, they create.

The start of the event was great. The advice we got over the speaker was: “Be yourself. Listen to your inner voice. Don’t spend your life living someone else’s life.”

What more can one ask for then being yourself. Being able to live your life the way you would like to live it, creating your own reality that works for you. Doing the things that inspire you, instead of doing what is expected from you, and living up to these expectations, instead of conforming to the views that are generally accepted. Create your own!

The opening act by Rosanne van Sandwijk and HipHopHuis was impressive, but if you ask me the audience’s reaction was a bit too enthusiastic. Maybe it was the excitement of being here, being a part of this amazing event and all the fuzz that everyone is making about it. Remembered me to also listen to the man on the street, to people who are not famous, who are not on a stage. Eventually most people will have a story to tell that can teach you something, that can inspire you. You don’t need to go to a TEDx meeting for that!

Well, now that’s of my chest. Let’s continue with some of the great things that have been said during this first round. What I liked it that Minister Jan Kees de Jager referred to us as being the average students who don’t like to get up earlyJ. I know a lot of us actually do get up early and will not party-out their lives, but we are not that special either. We are just kids who like to listen, watch, hear, learn and think.

I also liked the philosophical speech of Rob Wijnberg about the existence or non-existence of religion. About the truth being non-existence and about how much easier judgment might be when we except that a point of view, a view on the world, is nothing more or less then another religion. Too bad we was not really in performer mode, stumbling over his own words and thoughts. Please, Rob, share your speech with us written out, I know it is great material.

The speech of Sander Veenhof about augmented reality really got my mind going after getting into the philosophic mindset. I couldn’t help but thinking about what creating your own reality could mean for the future. Will we all end up watching to the world through screens, because we don’t like what we see? Because we don’t accept the world as we in our own minds see it anymore? And how will that effect the view we have on the world? Will we be able to connect to people in real life when all we know is the reality we created ourselves? Will we be able to stay open minded if we will only be augmentedly be confronted? Or will it open up our minds to look through the eyes of others, when we see how others would like to see the world? Will the augmented world take over and get over populated or will there be a new society forming around it with its own rules and ways?

It was funny that just before the speeches started, I had a conversation with a girl sitting next to me about the movie “Das leben der anderen” and how it is reflecting on modern society and the way our privacy is compromised by companies and governments via internet and social media…  and then Mikko Hypponen his speech made me think about exactly that subject just a bit more. It made me think about what we should do with youngsters committing crime and the switch from networks in real life to digital networks, the switch from shopping in the streets to shopping online, etcetera, and the combination of those. And of course, again, about privacy and who is watching. Will we start living James Orwell’s world soon? What should we do with a 13 year old kid hacking Sony, hacking world trade centers?
And what effect will hactivists have on society? Will they dominate the world in the future or will they be placed in the criminal corner just like the governments.

Well.. that’s all for part one. Hope I will be able to update you on the remaining three parts too during the day, otherwise I will sum it up for you tomorrow :D.


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