Present on a plate

Surprises can come in unexpected forms. At times preparing someone a plate of healthy snacks can be a really nice gesture. Especially when someone has been working hard and is by far thinking about food due to the engagement and inspiration that is accompanying the hard work. I myself tend to forget about food when I am studying hard. Sometimes I even think about eating lunch or so, but due to reasons like pressure or focus, or plain lazyiness, I don’t take the time to go to the kitchen and prepare something that is both appealing in taste and attractive visually.

When I notice people around me at home are working hard, for our company, on their hobby, on their health, basically on whatever they are working at, and I have a few minutes. I like to surprise them with a little bit of health. Not a full meal, but more a snack. What I used to do is put some crisps, some cookies and maybe some candy I had laying around on a plate and present that to them with a glass of coke, coffee or tea. Now since my new eating habbit, I hardly have those lying around anymore, and I would not feel comfortable presenting such a plate of indulgence to someone, knowing that it is not a choice of food that I would like anymore.

That’s why now, when I present someone a plate of snacks, it looks different. In my opinion a snack does not need to be completely healthy, whatever diet or eating habits you might have. Though, it must be healthy enough. Down here is one of the examples of a plate that I consider a little present on a plate throughout the day.

(for 2 persons)

  • 2 hands full of white grapes
  • 2 hands full of pink or blue grapes
  • 1 pear
  • cherry tomatoes
  • an orange
  • some olives (with garlic)
  • some nuts
  • Any other fruit or vegetable, or some raw meats or fish you like


  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Plate and/ or some small cups
  • Some small skewers


  1. Wash the fruits and vegetables, remove skins or zest of the fruits and vegetables if necessary / to your liking.
  2. Cut big fruits and vegetables in bite size pieces.
  3. Arrange the fruits and vegetables on a plate.
  4. Put nuts, olives and meat or fish in separate small cups. Try to fit everything on one plate. If you don’t have a plate that is big enough you can also put the plate and the cups on a cutting board or so for presentation.
  5. Put some small skewers in one of the cups
  6. Surprise the person or people with this colorful pallet of healthy snacking :D.

    Present on a plate


  • In addition prepare some tea, or a fresh, homemade vegetable or fruit juice and serve this with this present on a plate.
  • Be carefull with adding food that needs to be boiled, cooked, baked or heated in any way. The person who is going to eat it might not have time to start eating right away.
  • Basically you can add or change any ingredient of this little plate as long as you cut ingredients into bite size pieces and the person you want to surprise likes the ingredient.
  • If you are surprising yourself with this little snack, try to take just as much time to prepare it as you would take while making it for someone else. This time the effort does count!

I’m very curious about what ingredients would be on your ‘present on a plate’. Feel free to share pictures, ingredients and maybe even other ideas about ‘presents on a plate’


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