Sarah – Part 1: A brand new life

It is like a brand new life every time. Every day when Sarah woke up in her brand new house it felt like she had just moved. She had always lived in the cold rainy mountains of Scotland where she solely runned a bed and breakfast, the local snack bar and a little shop where the whole village bought their daily needs, the newspaper and little gifts for forgotten birthdays or the annual visit of old friends.

She didn’t go on vacation and she never took a day off. For eleven years she had lived like that. When she was a kid she used to help her dead in the store. Her mom used to take care of the bed and breakfast and they both did their shifts in the snack bar. Then one day both of her parents died in an accident.

They came back from a visit to the sister of her dad. It was one of those rainy stormy nights on which most locals preferred to stay in. Normally people wouldn’t think of driving back home on these nights. They would spend the night where they were and drive back the next day when everything would be calm again, but Sharon insisted on going back; there were guests at the bed and breakfast. Sarah never understood why they hadn’t asked her to take care of the guests. When the police rang her doorbell she immediately understood what was going on.

The days that followed she arranged the funeral. It was the first week since the opening that both the snack bar and the store were closed. The second week after the accident Sarah reopened the snack bar and the shop. Life slowly turned back to normal. Sarah never questioned if this was what she wanted. She just did the things that needed to be done. On Saturday nights she went to the pub and on Sundays she walked thru the mountains. Living like this ten years past. Two times she had a boyfriend. Both guys thought they didn’t get the attention they deserved and that was why two times the relationship ended. Sarah didn’t really care. She had a shop to run.

Then one year ago she decided it was time to clean the house where she lived in. The house looked exactly like it did ten years ago when her parents died. The furniture, the books, the kitchen, it all looked the same. Even the bookkeeping didn’t change a bit. She just kept on paying all bills her parents had paid for all those years without questioning what she was paying for.

During the cleaning she found a little brochure about a village in France, close to the Spanish border at the Atlantic Ocean. There was a big red circle marking one of the pictures in the brochure. On it was a beautiful farm. On the same page she found a piece of paper, and there it was, the proof she had become owner of that little farm in France. Her parents had never told her anything about the farm or about them wanting to leave Scotland. She couldn’t understand what it was all about and so she started a search for the truth about the farm.

On a Saturdays night she started to talk with the owner of the pub, Dan, about the farm. “Wait a sec Sarah, let’s go to the back.” Dan instructed Thomas, a daily customer, to take over the bar for a while and he and Sarah went to the backroom.

“Your parents told me about that farm once. They had the dream to start a B&B in a warmer country when you would go live on your own. They said they didn’t want to tell you about it so you wouldn’t feel like you should go as soon as possible. They wanted you to take your time. They asked me if I knew somebody who could help them find a house which suited their plans. I gave them the number of my nephew in New Hampshire. He is in that business. I didn’t know they already had found something I never talk to my nephew and I simply forgot about it. If you want to know more about it, I am sure my nephew can help you out, but before you do, there is something else you should know about. Something you probably rather not hear about, but you need to know and I think it’s time you know.” Dan took a pause and looked at Sarah. “Go on Dan. If there is something I need to know I’d rather hear it from you then from any one else, so let’s get on with it.”

Part 2: Tomorrow at 20:00 (p.m.)( GMT+1)


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