Desert: Fried fruits

The result

I especially like this desert on windy, rainy and cold days. Sitting inside, watching my favorite series, or as comfort food. Frying fruits changes their taste and structure and with the cinnamon it gives me the secure and warm feeling of childhood. And it is very easy to make. It takes me only 20-30 minutes.

(for two persons)

  • 2 apples  (sour and firm)
  • 2 nectarines
  • 1 banana
  • 2 large table spoons of butter
  • Cinnamon


Ingredients and tools

  • frying pan
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • wooden kitchen spatula
  1. Put the butter in the pan and melt gently on a small fire.
  2. Peel the skin of the apples and nectarines, remove the cores and seeds and cut them into slices.
  3. Put the slices into the pan and put up the fire to medium to large. 
  4. Sprinkle the cinnamon over the fruits (I used about a table spoon).
  5.  Stir firmly until the cinnamon is well distributed over the fruits.
  6. Fry the fruits in about 4 minutes without stirring (if it starts to burn, the fire is up too high).

    Nectarines and Apples

  7. Cut the banana into 2 slices (cut it vertically, with skin!).
  8. Stir the fruits gently and make some room in the pan for the two slices of banana. Put the banana slices in the pan with the skin facing up. The skin will (partially) turn black.
  9. Put down the fire a bit and let the fruits fry for another 4-8 minutes. Stir the apple and nectarine gently now and then. When the apple starts to soften, the dish is ready. Be careful not to fry the fruits too long, this will cause the apple to turn into sauce.
  10. Carefully take out the banana out of the pan and put it (skin facing down) on a plate or in a bowl, then add the other fruits.
  • For some variation you can add red wine, a strong liquor
    or orangejuice (fresh) to the mixture of fruits after you
    take out the banana and fry it forone more minute
    on a high temperature.
  • For those who love ice cream and whipped cream,

    Added the banana

    knock yourself out and add those as well.
    If you don’t eat ice cream but like ice,
    you can also add frozen strawberries or raspberries

  • Serve with a desert spoon and fork.

If you have any tips or tricks, additions or variations on this recipe,
feel free to add those in the comments.


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