new outfit:)

Last Monday I received my brand new running outfit. I like new cloths in general and new cloths for fun activities are my absolute favorites. The new outfit was a perfect motivation to stick to exercising and running besides work and study. I could not resist to try the clothing the same day. Upcoming Sunday I will participate in the 4 English mile version of the ‘Dam to Dam loop’, a runners event starting in Amsterdam and finishing in Zaandam. A perfect moment to run the same distance within the time limit in a relaxed pace.

The new outfit is absolutely great. Nice fabric, a bit of a wide fit, which I am not used to, but which was actually quite comfortable. Warm enough and fresh enough at the same time. Thank you very much Strukton!

As the rest of this week is absolutely hectic and there will be little time to use the new outfit until the weekend… until the event. Maybe some indoor at home exercise and that’s it.  And that while this hectic week makes me a bit of a cheat on my diet.. ah well.. just a few more deadlines and peace and quiet and new chaos will be back.

new outfit - strukotn

new outfit from my new employer Strukton:)


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