Funny Horror

Since I became aware of the difference between reality and fiction, between real life and dreams, I enjoyed nightmares. Nightmares, and most other dreams, are the best movies that I could ever watch. The adrenaline rushing through my body after such a movie with no obvious story line, no obvious beginning or end, is addictive. The inspiration provided by the odd situations,  the oppressive environment, the formless creatures and beasts, but also the bond between characters and the beautiful sceneries, I have used many of those in stories ever since I was aware of their power to imagination.

Though my dreams are my all time favorite movies, I also enjoy watching a movie on the television or theatre screen. Those movies are more predictable, both in story and awareness and a bit more convenient in timing. I do like several genres of movies, varying from grind house to mainstream teenage comedies and varying from psychological thrillers to Jacky Chan type action movies. I like Horror and Marvels, I like great stories, but also enjoy a movie only because of graphics, or just to reset my mind to zero.

While I do like to share the things that give me inspiration, energy and joy, I figured I would write some blogs about my favorite movies the upcoming weeks. I will try to divide them by genre, though my opinion about a genre may differ from what you are used to and I might make up some genres that fit my idea about filing movies better then what is generally accepted and used…

Today as a nice warming up, I will start with one of my favorite genres, the Hilarious Horror movies. The genre of movies that might or might not supposed to scare the living Sh** out of you. The genre that combines gore and comedy and unreal with absurd.

  1. Army of Darkness & Evil Dead 1 &2 (1992 / 1981 / 1987)
    I especially like these movies because of the overacting, the great use of simple tricks to produce great effects, the graphics, and especially in Army of Darkness the great amount of funny creatures and characters
  2. Shaun of the dead (2004)
    Zombies are an old time favorite in horror movie land and mostly they scare the living shit out of you. Well, that’s what they’re intend to do. With me the effect of zombies mostly is not that I get scared, as long as they are in the movies. This movie is intended to be a comedy. It uses real life scenes and situations in the world of the undead and thereby criticizes today’s society. Loved it.
  3. Bad Taste (1987)
    One of the early (his debut) Peter Jackson movies. One of those movies that make watching the making of just as fun as the movie itself. “Human meat for intergalactic hamburgers.” Every now and then I just have to watch this movie with a big bowl snacks and best with some friendsJ.
  4. The Stuff (1985)
    Picture this. You are walking somewhere and you spot a strange pool of white sticky stuff… what is the first thing you would do? Taste it of course! Taste it and discover that it would be great for profit if you had more of it which you could sell!
  5. The Blob (1958 / 1988)
    Truly a classic horror movie. Still used for parodies and as inspiration for even commercials nowadays. A lot of similar stories have been unfold on the screen, consuming masses of something that we can’t really understand. If you’ve seen the blob, you’ve seen them all and while it is an ancient movie, it isn’t scary anymore, just good old fun!
  6. The return of the Killer tomatoes (1988)
    Oh man, this movie! George Clooney! Tomatoes! Pizzas! Furry things! What else can I ask for. I have never ever seen the first part, and frankly, people denying that there even is a movie called “The attack of the killer tomatoes” might even be smarter than me (who is still wanting to watch that one too).
  7. Evil Ed (1995)
    I know… but I just love the adorable main character. This movie should be the proof for all those concerned parents complaining that all the violence and blood on tv is harming their children. Maybe they are right? No. Don’t think so, but still a lovely movie.

Now I am curious about your favorite horror comedies. Please, share!


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