Running vs the gym

As I am starting to get back into running, I more and more feel an urge to add other physical activities to my training. I really would love to go to the gym to work-out with weights, inspired by the great stories of success on, but also by some friends who actually work out in the gym on a regular basis. It is hard to keep myself from subscribing to the local gym and go there this instant. Unfortunately, I have to keep in mind that I can’t combine everything. I must make choices. And for the upcoming year, my choice has been made two years ago. The upcoming year I will have to focus on my last year of evening school.

And then the question arises: Is it possible to combine the gym, running, school and work? Maybe, if I had enough discipline to live my life around a tight schedule and if I were disciplined enough to keep going there, and of course, if I did not have all those other interests and goals that I want to achieve. 

Then there is the possibility of buying some weights and start training at home. The reason why I don’t really want to do that, is that I would miss the guidance on how to use the weights in combination in a proper way. Watching a youtube movie of someone lifting a weight in any kind of way does not give me the feedback and confidence that I am doing it the right way myself, and I am kind of careful when it comes to my muscles.

I could also exchange one running training for weights, just to keep me from spending more time then I have on training and exercising. And then I would get the guidance that I am looking for without having to add more training moments to my schedule. What will that do to my running capabilities?

A big plus is that most gyms in the area actually have the possibility to try out for just a few months, just to see if it is worth the money and the time. Maybe that’s a good option. Just trying it out, without doubting…. but then again….

Down here a shot of me in our sunflowery backyard, after running and stretching. H. (my boyfriend) took this shot. I think it shows that I indeed do like to run…

Back from running and finished stretching


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