Nerd work-out

Since 2 days my boyfriend and I started taking our work-out to the next level. A few weeks ago we started on a schedule for running. The running actually goes really well. My old knee injury, which caused me to quit running in the first place,  hardly is keeping me down and due to a starters schedule I get to focus more on a good posture and breathing. At the same time my boyfriend can slowly build up his endurance and we both notice a big improvement in our self confidence.

Last week my boyfriend stumbled upon something called Nerd Fitness. While we both feel like we are partly nerds, the name of the program appealed to us, but both of us are quite critical too. Before jumping into a new diet without knowing if we could implement it permanently into our lifestyle, and adding a fitness program to our lifestyles too, trying to fit in everything in our already overloaded daily schedule, we wanted to know the ins and outs. After talking it over and reading the basics, I actually liked the philosophy behind the program and the diet. With the Rebel guides provided with the program, we got a good insight in the program and if it would fit our lifestyle. We decided to take it slow, but try out the program.

First step is to read the guides completely and find out the exact whereabouts so we know what changes we have to make. I am now halfway the guides and the more I read, the more the program appeals to me. For us the first change will be our diet. As we already started to run, the fitness schedule attached to the program, will have to wait until we feel we know how to feed ourselves properly and how strict we will follow the diet. How strict we will be able to stick to the diet relies on our daily schedule and the comfort we find in easy to prepare foods.  The diet is based on something called the Paleo diet. A diet based on the history of our bodies and our eating habits in ancient times.

To give the program a head start, past Saturday we shopped for suitable groceries. That was not difficult at all and we actually discovered some good places to get our nutrients. The market in Gouda was our main source for groceries, but also the supermarket and some more specialized shops in our hometown provide enough possibilities to fill up the refrigerator. For now we will keep the food that we already had as a back-up. Besides, changing a diet to rapidly, in my opinion can’t be too healthy as your stomach and the rest of your body slowly adapt to what you eat, weather it is digesting it properly or not, a change in a diet can cause your body to react.

The biggest change for me is the lunch. I am used to taking my homemade sandwiches to work and though a moderate amount of high quality bread won’t harm in this diet, I never really liked eating bread too much. Eating less bread means taking substitutes to work, a nice challenge for my creativity. Another challenge will be substituting the meat in the diet. I don’t eat meat and I only like to eat fish very moderately. The percentage of the meat and fish in the diet is quite high, but I already read about some vegetarian variations on the diet. Something I will have to dig into within the next couple of days.

Something I am not really looking forward to is counting calories. As a matter of fact, I am not going to that. I did calculate the amount of calories I should take in but when I am hungry I will eat. What can I say. However a diet most of the time sounds like you want to lose weight. Though I would not mind dropping 5 – 10 kilos, I like food and I don’t like feeling hungry nor I like feeling unhappy about eating too much calories. Instead of counting calories, or keeping track of my weight, I will track my progress on training and my progress on the diet itself. To do so, I will try to update my blog more regularly and keep on using sports tracker as much as possible.

For those who want some more information, down here are the links that I used for research till this point.

and my personal sports tracker account:

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